When it comes to senior life these days, forty isn’t what it used to be years ago. It seems that as time continues to march forward, those over the age of 40 aren’t being left behind. More seniors are keeping themselves in great shape, and advances in medicine and nutrition mean people are living longer and more healthy than ever.

Senior citizens these days are more vital and vibrant than any of previous generations. So what if you’re in the area of retirement age and you’re looking for a mate? Over 40 dating can be a lot of fun and a totally rewarding experience.

Relationship expert and author Wendell K. Cribbs reminds us that no matter what our age, dating and relationships are important to a healthy mental attitude and a rewarding personal life. We shouldn’t allow nervousness and fear to keep us from developing healthy intimate relationships despite our age. Many of the fears seniors face when it comes to over sixty dating are fears that simply exist in their own minds.

“For people over 40 dating shouldn’t be something to be afraid of,” explained Cribbs. “In fact, dating for seniors can be a very exciting and fun experience. As we reach our senior years, many of the issues that face younger singles aren’t nearly as significant or don’t even exist at all. Things like career, family, plans for children and the like simply aren’t as prominent. That means over 40 dating can be a lot more casual and a lot less restrictive with a lot less pressure”.

Robert is a 66-year-old retired office manager who enjoys the over 40 dating scene, but that wasn’t always the case for him. “I find dating at my age to be a lot more fun with a lot less pressure than when I was younger,” he says. “Looking back on my life, I realize that I dated my wife exclusively for more than six years before we got married.

I remember that everything was just so serious for us at that time. We had a great life together, and when she passed away, I felt like I may just hide in my apartment and never go out with anyone again. That feeling lasted about six months, until some of my friends finally talked some sense into me. Then I just put aside all my fears and put myself out there”.

Cribbs says Robert’s situation isn’t uncommon for those who are entering the over 40 dating scene for the first time. “Of course there is going to be a certain level of nervousness and trepidation when it comes to dating again,” the expert says. “Despite the fact that senior age people have a lot of life experience behind them, often they’ve spent literally dozens of years in a long-term relationship or marriage”.

So seniors looking to re-establish a potential loving and fulfilling personal relationship shouldn’t be worried about entering the over sixty dating process. After all, your life is what you make of it, no matter what your age.

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Unleashing you inner mastery

By vine | Filed in mature dating uk

What creates a master of a field ?

Take a couple of minutes now and just note down what for you sums up a true master of a thing…

People may often make a list of a thing such as experience, skill and abilities.

However it is much more than that.

Just becoming excellent at   something doesn’t make a master. That is not enough!

There are many people who are technically good , but it is certainly not what you’d label as mastery.

Beyond skill are other important principles , such as:

  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Focus
  • vision
  • Passion
  • Curiosity
  •   wish to continually grow

These are not resources that can be developed from a book, but come from the inner. At the same time they are qualities that all people will develop because we have these features and resources within us.

If you desire to become a true master it certainly involves becoming excellent in a field. Just becoming average may never make a master. But in the path to excellence, it’s also a matter of the other qualities that make true mastery.

That’s   something anyone may develop – so let’s explore some of these principles :

Commitment, focus and dedication – true masters have a real commitment and dedication. When you see a true master, you could just sense their presence when you meet them. They have a total dedication that inspire s other people.

That’s a real key in mastery. So you can long for to take some time to mull over about what absolutely drives you – why is it so important for you to do what you are doing? When you know what genuinely drives you, that’s a real key to discover others.

Vision – that’s all about having a really clear vision – knowing what you long for and that you could get it! Don’t just mull over about it – write it down, picture it, imagine what it would feel like to have it – even draw it! The more real you envision it the more powerful your outcome may be!

Passion – when you know your big picture and have made it really what you want , you should already have unbelievable passion for it – if you don’t, that’s a sign you need to completely review what’s most important to you.

Curiosity and the desire to continually grow – these are the things that let you develop. it is never the case that a true master considers they know everything about things – they are always open to learning and developing. People often mull over the master knows everything, and in comparison to the initiate , it is often the case that it looks that way!

However the true master is constantly developing and learning. This begins with curiosity. Curiosity is like the drive to evolution – the emotional state that drives discovery – we’re all born with it (just look at small kids), but unfortunately sometimes it gets taken out of us! Keep the spirit alive and the real want to constantly improve.

It is very the case that mastery is within our reach. These keys will help make it happen. NLP is one of the most powerful ways I know to bring it into reality. Most people who learn NLP in London and hypnosis in London are astounded at the results.




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